"Both inspectors were excellent.  They were very thorough and explained everything.  We were very pleased." -- Alex Chinoy, Arlington, Virginia

"It was well worth the money spent. You can tell that Brian really loves what he does.  The inspection far exceeded my expectations.  You have a happy, happy customer." -- Annie Tin, Silver Spring, Maryland

 "I was really impressed.  The report was idiot proof, even I could understand it and it was amazing that eight hours later, I had it in my inbox. I will recommend you." -- Alison Gold, NW Washington, D.C.

"Brian was great, very personable and very thorough.  He explained everything.  No question was too stupid and he answered all of our questions."  -- Andrea Nanini, Arlington, Virginia

"Brian was very friendly, very informative, and very helpful." -- Laura Adams, Silver Spring, Maryland

"Everything was great, informative and very thorough.  When all was said and done, they did find things I wouldn't have found.  I have some experience in construction but I wouldn't have found some of the things."  -- John Lawless, Haymarket, Virginia

"I’ve bought three other homes and this inspection was the most thorough and most useful ever. It was informative, high quality, and incredibly helpful." -- Teresa Rivero, Arlington, Virginia 

"We were really impressed with Brian. We were thankful they were so thorough so we could learn about the home we're purchasing. They were very friendly and knowledgeable.  I have no complaints."  -- Amy and Pete Seebeck, McLean, Virginia

"The inspector was absolutely top-notch - he knew everything about every system in the house.  Brian was friendly and professional. Definitely A+."  -- Michael Haddad, Fairfax, Virginia

"It was a very pleasant experience.  I enjoyed talking with Mr. Koepf and I was very happy with his work and his report. I thank you for the good service and for getting it scheduled and the follow up." -- Chris Sten, NW Washington, D.C.

"I was very pleased - everything went very well. Brian does a very thorough inspection and that's what we wanted.  Thank you." -- Jeff Zavadil, Gaithersburg, Maryland

"We were very pleased to get Brian’s insight into the property. It was great, he spent four hours with us.  I learned a lot from him about things in the house -- like the appliances, the furnace, the hot water heater -- we would not have known about many things if we didn’t have the inspection. He was very patient. If we know of anyone looking for an inspector, we will recommend Brian." -- Devrin Moral, Gaithersburg, Maryland

"I was very impressed. Brian was very professional and gave awesome service.  I did not feel rushed and he answered all of my questions without making me feel dumb. I will recommend you to anyone I know needing a home inspection and I will definitely be calling you for my final inspection" -- Matt Hooven, Clarksburg, Maryland

“Put me in the very satisfied group. Mr. Koepf was on time, courteous, competent. Not only was he thorough, but he spotted things I would’ve never found. He explained a basic problem and then gave ways to solve the problem. I am putting Mr. Koepf on my list of people to refer to people needing inspections.” -- William Jenks, NW Washington D.C.

“Everything was great - Brian found some things that I’m not sure we would’ve ever found - so once again, we were pleased.”  -- Derrick Bramblett, Ashburn, Virginia (2nd, new construction)

“Brian was very thorough, very detailed - he went out of his way to explain things to us - we got a quality inspection. He knew what he was talking about and was honest about things he wasn’t an expert on.”  -- Michael Baldwin, Rockville, Maryland

"It was fantastic. This was well worth the money and I will definitely recommend Brian." --  Lloyd Pike, Arlington, Virginia

"It was done well - very thorough.  I'm not an inspector so I have to rely on his report and I'm at his mercy. The report was professionally done, easy to read. I wish that he had done the inspection for the home I am selling as the difference was night and day". -- McLean, Virginia

 "We loved Brian. He explained everything so well and made us feel comfortable about the house we’re buying. We couldn’t have asked for a better inspector." -- Erin Dower, Kensington, Maryland

"Brian did a great job, we were very pleased. He was very thorough, very helpful, and answered our questions.  I'd definitely use him again - it was Triple A all the way around." -- Craig Stephanson, Arlington, Virginia

" My inspector was excellent. He was able to share enough on an unprofessional level, where we could understand, on the level of a regular person’s knowledge of a home, while still remaining very professional. It’s important to have someone who can communicate, and help you keep your sanity, and I was fortunate to have that. If I know anyone who is buying or selling a home I would highly recommend you." -- Lorain Prevaux, Germantown, Maryland

"They provided good service. They knew what they were doing." -- Jag Pathela, Fairfax, Virginia

"He was fantastic. It was everything I thought it would be from what my sister. I was told that I might not need an inspection because the place was small but Brian found lots things - they were small but I am getting seller to fix - so the money was worth it." --  Dena Kozanas, Alexandria, Virginia 

   "I was very pleased - it was well worth the money and I’ll probably be calling you for the pre-settlement inspection." -- Derrick Bramblett, Ashburn, Virginia

"It was very good.  Brian was very thorough -- he showed me things and looked out for me.  He found several things and that's why it's good to have an inspection. I'll be calling you to do a pre-listing inspection on my other property."-- John Doran, Alexandria, VA

"I couldn’t have asked for more. I will refer you." -- Kathy Ausubel, NW DC

”He’s just great – we’ve used him in the past and continue to use him. He’s very thorough and explains everything and we were very pleased.” -- Denise Levin, Clarksburg, Maryland

“We brought the list to the builder and all things Brian found were being taken care of.” -- Sandy Norrell, Fairfax, Virginia

"Brian was very knowledgeable.  He allowed me to follow him around and wasn’t annoyed with me.  He didn’t make me feel like I was asking stupid questions.” -- Shannon Chen, Gaithersburg, Maryland

”Brian was absolutely wonderful. He was very attuned to the situation, he was very, very helpful with lots of good suggestions.  Your whole company has been wonderful."  -- Marcia Keech, Centreville, Virginia

"Mr. Koepf was really thorough, he communicated his findings with the superintendent.  It looks like the builder will be taking care of everything.  I’ll be calling you for my final inspection.”  -- Anthony Fung, Fairfax, Virginia

"Brian was very thorough and did a great job explaining some of the deficiencies and conditions that he discovered during the inspection.  He was very diplomatic and sensitive to the fact that the owner of the house (who accompanied us on much of the inspection) had lived there over 30 years and was extremely proud of some of the improvements that had been made.  So Brian not only highlighted deficiencies, but was able to commend the owner on some of those features that had obviously been completed with pride during the owner's 30 years in the house. The report format is easy to read, and Brian walked through it all even though we were more than 3-1/2 hours into our inspection." -- Jim Allegro, Architect & Principal, Fox Architects www.fox-architects.com  Cheverly, Maryland.

 We were very well pleased. Brian did a great job! --  Joshua Knapp, Esq., Capt. US ARMY,  Fairfax, Virginia