Take the worry out of buying or selling a home with Gatekeeper Inspections’ comprehensive services. We are a full service company that provides many types of home inspections and related services including:

1. Foundation Inspections click for sample report
are conducted when the foundation is built, but the backfilling of soil against it has not begun. We inspect:

2. Pre-drywall Inspections click for sample report
are the best time to catch potential problems when building—it’s just like an x-ray. This is just as important as the final inspection, when walls may cover defects. We inspect:

3. Final New Home Walk-through Inspection click for sample report
Gatekeeper has inspected hundreds of new houses, which are different from resale houses because you are not dealing with old components, poor maintenance, deterioration, water damage and termites. You are dealing with workmanship and miscommunication on the job site where several different languages are typically being spoken. Keep in mind that:

Builder’s 12-Month Warranty Inspections click for sample report
You have the opportunity to bring the builder back for improvements/corrections (check your warranty for the time limit). Once the time limit is up, you are responsible for all corrections. Gatekeeper’s inspector discusses the findings with you so that you are prepared for meeting with your builder with a comprehensive list of what needs to be corrected.