Gatekeeper Inspections will solve your home’s energy issues by identifying the energy loss areas and recommending improvements to enhance energy efficiency. Information about energy audits is provided in this short summary and, if you have questions, please contact us at 703-716-1100 or 301-986-8850.

Why does a homeowner have an energy inspection?

There are 4 reasons:

What is a Home Energy Audit and how is it performed?

A Home Energy Audit measures the extent of leaks in the building envelope. It usually takes about 2 hours, and a detailed, written report is provided, with recommendations. Gatekeeper Inspections performs a very thorough audit:

How are energy deficits corrected?

Gatekeeper has an energy remediation division that can make the corrections for you. Read about our credentials and experience, below. Credentials: All of our Inspectors are Resnet-trained.



Our “Building Sciences” experience in the home inspection industry is critical: This is the knowledge of how one component of a house affects another component. The home’s components work as a team to protect the interior of the house from the exterior elements (rain, sun, extreme temperatures). As experienced home inspectors, we have conducted thousands upon thousands of inspections over the last 38 years that that served as training to become experts in the field of building sciences.

This building sciences knowledge puts Gatekeeper way ahead of other energy inspectors because this makes us experts in Forensic Inspections. All houses have “clues” that will lead an energy inspector to where and why the house needs energy correction. If the inspector does not recognize these clues, he/she will not be able to follow them to a conclusion that includes ALL of the home’s energy consuming components that need correcting. Bottom line: Consumers get a more thorough energy inspection from us.

Why is this important?

The majority of energy inspectors are contractors, or conducting energy audits as a second job—anybody who has been trained in a day or two in a class room, and gotten the necessary credentials to conduct an energy inspection. As a result, their energy inspection is limited to what they were taught, and is essentially a formula inspection that consists of following a pattern that does not vary from house to house.

In reality, houses have different designs that may contain inherently poor energy components. When this is coupled with occupants who do not maintain the property, a scenario is created that will confuse an inspector who has little or no building sciences training and experience. Essentially, the inexperienced inspector trained minimally in energy audits fails to recognize the clues that result in a thorough, professional result.

Please contact us to schedule an audit, or for more information: 703-716-1100 or 301-986-8850.